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Weather on the Attack, and Our Bodies are Fighting Back!!


Mother Nature’s Weather plays a huge role in our lives while consistently changing, and so do our bodies by consistently changing and adjusting naturally with it. The snow3human body is designed to adapt to all circumstances surrounding it. Your daily activeness along with the foods you eat, total Funny group of children are lying in the snow.exercise you get, are decisions you make personally that will determine how you feel mentally and physically day to day. Now a days it is easy to make excuses to stay indoors but the  bottom line is that we “humans” are designed to move! 

“In warmer or colder weather our bodies run differently but all in the effort to run efficiently. Like any vehicle, it will not run efficiently if the right oil or fuel is not used for the conditions needed.”

Blood pressure generally is higher in the winter and lower in the summer. That’s snow6because low temperatures cause your blood vessels along with your arteries and veins to narrow slightly— this increases blood pressure because more pressure is needed to push blood through. Small weather changes can affect us as a two degree temp drop can cause an increase in heart attacks and strokes nationally. The constricting vessels also can trigger tears or splits in the plaque that lines the walls of the arteries which also increases the potential for blood clots to form which can trigger a heart attack or stroke.

As we grow older, it is also harder for us to regulate body temperature. Dressing in layers helps along with drinking plenty of fluids, dehydration happens fast, cold or hot weather!  Keep those layers within reason!

Holiday season has been among us along with it the freezing temperatures, keeping us indoors and eating well. Being aware that we are less mobile and eat more in the cold, we need to pay attention to our activeness. Being less active can have a great impact on how our body copes daily.

Sick season can be very stressful, being under stress can raise your blood sugar instantly.

Vitamin D deficiency because of CLOUDY DAYS. As cabin fever sets in we must pay snow8attention because less sunlight means we are getting less vitamin D.  Less D means we become weaker, Vitamin D is responsible for a lot of your bodies calcium absorption,

Vitamin D is primarily absorbed through the snow9skin.

Winter blues, also known as seasonal affective disorder, is related to low levels of serotonin production (the feel-good hormone in the brain). It has been shown that eating carbohydrates increases the amount of serotonin in the brain.

As body temp. increases, we Chill Out by Sweating!

As our bodies heat up it starts putting those sugars to use in different ways. As we work hard in the cold we tend to sweat more. When we sweat our body is ridding itself of excess heat by using the bodies water, lowering hydration levels. As that happens our body sends less blood (containing glucose) through the kidneys to be filtered, this action helps raise blood sugar levels. This can happen fast in the cold.

Always be aware of the signs of low and high blood sugar levels!
Signs of simple heat exhaustion are the same as low sugar levels. Sweating, shaking, light headed, confusion, slower thinking. In the cold always have snacks on hand, and backup plan, test frequently if you have diabetes.

However, exercise raises the body’s temperature on its own without needing to expend more energy to do this. In hot weather, it takes more cardiovascular effort to COOL the body, which occurs by pumping blood to the skin to promote sweating. Therefore, exercising in warm weather would actually use more energy than exercising at a temperature near freezing.

snow10Cold weather doesn’t increase caloric expenditure unless, however, the body starts to shiver. When a person is shivering, the body needs to work harder to maintain thermoregulation (body temperature).  According to Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D., shivering can burn about 400 calories per hour and it depletes glycogen stores and leaves you feeling fatigued.

This winter stay prepared by keeping aware!