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“Candid Cartoons” The Power of Cancer Control!!


Being born into a world filled with so many cancers, even the healthy must fight.  Cartoons have  been cartoon12enchanting our lives virtually from the day of our birth.

For over 100 years cartoons have helped entertain and open our minds to the thoughts of new possibilities. 

The idea of “superpowers” or even the seeming inability for a cartoon to suffer from one episode to next helps tell us there is always hope.  Today with so many advancements in the medical world, we step closer then ever in diagnosing illnesses earlier creating yet another unique role for so many others to fill.  

Cancer Cartoons are a necessary tool in the toolbox of all patients and their families that must be used.  The “cartoon tool” enables our minds to go free, helping the young and old alike cartoon6 stay strong to the possibilities of recovery. 

We are all in this battle of life and although at times it can be disheartening, we continue stepping forward making a real difference instead of just hitting a like button

These acts can and do create untold amounts of joy with- in ones mind, allowing natural change to occur.  The joy we experience from helping others has actual bio-chemical consequences within our bodies; and who can’t use a little less tension and more endorphins; especially as endorphins are attributed to:

  • Control persistent pain
  • Control the craving for chocolate and potentially addictive substances
  • Control feelings of stress and frustration
  • Regulate the production of growth and sex hormones
  • Reduce symptoms associated with eating disorders


The mind is our strongest tool and cartoons assist in the stimulation of our natural curiosity, leaning today’s society towards  more education and awareness.


cartoon8To be born into a world filled with cancer, not even the luckiest of individuals remain untouched by this .  Today we can see our very own hero’s fighting that same fight and this helps allow us to heal.  Strength is gathered by cartoon5those who do and can, its that act of doing, and cartoons can allow us to have that strength, the strength to act.

When writing this I could not help my eyes from watering.  I wonder how someone such as myself has been able to stay so healthy when so many don’t even get a chance.  Eachcartoon11 day since my epiphany, I have continually pushed to live life by the process of educating and helping others.  These cartoons are as big as Garfield or as small as one in the everyday cartoon13newspaper.  

Cartoons can reach all languages  with no boundaries or prejudice involved.

This is not general media helping, these cartoons are through individuals who care to the point the money is worthless. Even Charles M. Schulz knew of the power when creating Charlie Brown. He once created a friend who needed help, “Why Charlie Brown, Why?” and in this episode he showed both sides, the sick and healthy.  The help offered through cartoons is very consistent and the strength provided can move mountains by even just creating a smile which at those times is very needed.

 Bald Cartoons started as an initiative among Brazilian’s to help with their younger cancer patients.  Since then many cartoonist have joined hands is this great action to do something.   As children grow, questions are always inevitable and one seems to be, “why do you look different then me?”  cartoon7

Through the process of curing this thing called cancer we all have many questions and so many don’t get answers.


I battled leukemia with my father, then I battled the effects of chemo with him, I felt more pain and anger then ever in my life.  cartoon2




What gives strength I ask.  I have found strength comes from within ones heart and all those around add immensely to it. 

What happens is suppose to happen, that I realized.

Regardless of it being a cartoon, singer, athlete, business person, even our super hero’s; we as humans are granted strength through those around us.  

Brazil has, as a nation taken a step to address this social issue and for that I say congratulations.  But how have they done this? 

In the last 12 months Brazil has taken the question “why don’t you have hair?” and has worked to make it irrelevant.  The small move they made?  Recently all the cartoons on Brazilian TV have lost their hair without question. 

As one bald child wouldn’t ask another person why they don’t have hair,  the healthy kids don’t ask why the cartoons don’t have it.  The bi product is a conditioning which teaches, that we are all the same just with different looks. 

To the patients it helps them to feel more secure as it is helping change what is called or looked at as “normal”.  There is no normal, only people.

I fully stand behind such a move by the people and believe that when these national acts are created and supported they create a way for our generations to move forward with progress.   

Whole Nations Are Changing their Thought Process and Stepping Up!

– Brazil Bald Cancer Cartoons


Why Charlie Brown, Why?  About A Friend Who Gets Leukemia …

To  Charles M. Schulz, congratulations for all your efforts!  

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