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About Us

Who We Are

The US Blood Program operates under RU Utility, a 501c3 charitable organization.  Designed as a platform for creating networks to ensure success in your blood drive. 

Simply stated, we are a group helping communities organize and run blood drives.

Why Are We Helping?


Everyone Needs Blood To Survive!


• We believe the lack of blood donations of effects 100% of the population.

• Only about one-third of the population is eligible to donate blood and only about one-third of that actually does.

• US Blood Program targets the remaining two- thirds of eligible donors.

• Remember blood cannot be produced, it must be donated.


 What We Do

The US Blood Program sponsors blood drives.  Then we simply attract and attach our sponsors to that drive increasing public awareness which begins to create the Buzz!  

Every blood drive in which the US Blood Program participates offers niche advertising to its sponsors for their participation.

US Blood Program is creating networks to accomplish something positive.  This new and growing trend of helping each other help each other is brought to our members and sponsors though all of our publications.

US Blood Program considers a Successful Blood Drive One That an Entire Community is Aware of!

Help create a Buzz in your community!

By signing as a member with US Blood Program, we will  help our donors and sponsors do more and deliver more to their local areas by showing us the support.


What You Experience at Blood Drives

  1. Arriving to a blood drive you receive a mini physical by the medical staff of the drive.
  2. Receive all the Juice and Cookies you want and any Extras Bonuses Thrown In from the Supporting Sponsors!
  3. We focus on the Overall Experience to Ensure Happy Safe Donors.