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Past Blood Drives

Congratulation’s to the IL. Tinley Park Masons on a Great Blood Drive!

To All Our Hero's Who Helped make the Tinley Park Masonic Blood Drive a Success, Thank You! Your Help is Priceless and to Others Seems Boundless! Adventist, once again "Our Hats Off To You" As they arrived on time, with a quickness they were set up for operations which seemed in minutes.  We respect the team for there are no complaints, only focused individuals working hard at their task!  They continually worked through the entire four hour drive

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Congratulations to a Great Blood Drive!, “Preferred Financial Partners”

TO ALL OF OUR HERO'S, who helped with Preferred Financial Partners Blood Drive, THANK YOU!   With out You, this blood drive was just not possible.   Adventist blood drive crew showed up knowing exactly what to do.  Not only did they know what to do, they knew exactly what was expected of their group of professionals and performed as if in sequence with each other.  Watching their dance was very elevating knowing that people like this exist

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